Aerial Photogrammetry
Aerial Photogrammetry


Aerial photography & video (producers)
Aerial photography & video (services)
Cinematographic aerial shots



Power line inspection
Railway track monitoring
Science & research missions
Environment research studies and missions
Earth observation and topography
Critical infrastructure inspection
Historical monument inspection
Thermal imaging of buildings (heat wastage)
Magnetic field surveys
Aerial pollution monitoring
Wildlife monitoring (inventory, migration, conservation)
Fishery control (in-shore)
Fishery control (off-shore)
Ozone level measurement
Poaching patrol & wildlife preservation
Coastal erosion monitoring
Sandbank shift measurement
Glacier & ice cap monitoring
Snow pack & avalanche monitoring
Meteorological missions
Weather assessment & measurements
Weather research
Atmospheric measurements
Climate monitoring
Coastal zone studies and mapping
Open sea research support
Marine mammal monitoring
Cryospheric research (Artic/Antarctic)
Glacier & ice cap monitoring
Ice pack patrol
Iceberg surveillance & tracking
Ice navigation assistance (for icebreakers & ice-breaking ships)
Atmospheric chemistry and radiation (in situ) measurements
Volcano monitoring
Aerial mineral exploration
Survey of drilling sites for oil & gas industry
Oil & gas pipeline monitoring
Oil spill & oil slick detection & monitoring
Inspection of oil tanker cargo tanks