Precision farming
Precision Farming


Why Drones in Agriculture?
Data from drones can include the state of health of plants and soil and thus fertilize and fertilize the fields more precisely. This results in an economical saving for farmers and greater protection of the environment. In addition, it is also possible to improve the forecast of cultivation results, disease individualisation, irrigation needs detection, and additional data acquisition. Over the years Mavtech s.r.l. he has gained considerable experience in this field thanks to his participation in numerous research projects. Experience that has enabled the development of integrated solutions that include aircraft and ground station. Portability, efficiency and robustness are the cornerstones of developed systems.

Crop health & disease monitoring
Vegetation identification and metrics
Terrain mapping
Invasive species identification & analysis (invasive plants)
Land & forestry research
Vigor mapping & frost mitigation
Agricultural insecticide spraying
Agricultural fertilizer dispensing

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