Civil Protection

The UAVs find numerous applications in the Civil Protection operations, for monitoring activities of the territory and in all those circumstances that would risk the safety and safety of rescuers.

UAVs allow to shoot from above with high definition video cameras and thermal sensors that allow to detect human presence even at night and in the undergrowth. They are ideal equpments in situations of search for accident victims or missing persons. The use of thermal sensors in particular makes it possible to identify potential fire outbreaks for targeted shutdown operations.

Among the possible applications we can list some of them:

  • Natural disaster monitoring and management
  • Civil security missions
  • Avalanche survivor search
  • Maritime search & rescue
  • Maritime surveillance
  • Fire-related monitoring & investigation
  • Forest fire detection & monitoring
  • Fire-fighting missions
  • Contamination measurement
  • Systematic search operations
  • Flood monitoring
  • Emergency medical/food supply
  • Network communications relay (small theatre)
  • Network communications relay (large theatre)
  • Emergency communications network
  • Land-mine detection