MAVTech s.r.l as a manufacturer of fixed and rotary wing Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) can provide practical training courses for RPAS and ‘drones’ pilots, end-users and operators. The training courses are based on practical on-the-field experience and exercises, supervised by certified professional flight instructors. Simulator based training is also provided for flight operations in critical environments.

In our practical courses we use our Q4T quadricopter in the case of multirotor trainig, or the AGRI1900 in the case of fixed wing training.


How can I fly a drone legally and safely in Italy?

Usually on forums, people tells that it’s difficult and that a pilot license is needed, which costs tens of thousand of Euros, is this true? No, that’s not completely true, the steps required to operate your drone commercially are becoming everyday easier and MAVTech s.r.l. is here to help you set up and operate legally. You must meet the following four requirements to fly legally:

  • Complete a theoretical course provided by an entity recognized by ENAC;
  •  Obtain a medical certification for private pilots (EASA Class 2);
  •  Complete a practical course for the specific Remotely Piloted Aircraft System you will adopt for your professional activity (this type of courses can be only provided by manufacturers, such as MAVTech s.r.l.);
  • Register your activity and become a recognized Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operator, according to ENAC regulatory prescriptions (an insurance covering the risks for third parties is mandatory).

The practical part of the course is held by qualified personnel, expert in the use of the Remote Control Aircraft System. Please note that the practical courses are not generally valid and their applicability is limited to the type of aircraft covered by the course.