Q4T Drone - Overview

The Q4T drone is the evolution of our Q4E. This new UAV made by Mavtech features higher payload and flight time, better structural design with just 5% increased wheelbase compared to older Q4E. The autopilot remains the Pixhawk 2 which is a powerful and reliable flight controller, that gives you the widest configuration options and the most advanced controls for stand-alone flying and piloting assistance (optionally, it is possible to install the GPS RTK navigation system). The propulsion system is T-Motor baed. The battery is housed inside a sliding case that is inserted into the center of the main frame. In this way the UAV balance is always optimal and the layout is clean and tidy. This solution allows to mount any 6s battery that meets the minimum continuous discharge requirement of 1300 W. The battery connector incorporates a spark protection circuit for maximum safety and longevity.

The Q4T drone is the ideal flying platform for photogrammetry, for search and rescue operations, surveillance operations and in general in all those professional applications that require a precise and reliable navigation system. It is also a proper flying platform for research and development purposes, where it is mandatory to easily access and re-configure the autopilot. For example, Q4T drone is the ideal solution for those who need to develop unconventional navigation systems based on pixhawk / px4, providing a stable, ready-to-fly flying platform.

In short, the key features of the Q4T drone are:

  •     Simple and modular structure
  •     Flexible configuration
  •     Great availability of accessories
  •     Tool-free quick-release landing gear
  •     Tool-free quick-release carbon propellers
  •     Maximum payload hook-up flexibility
  •     Universal Battery Tray (Allows you to mount any 6s battery that meets the minimum discharge requirements)
  •     Reliable propulsion system
  •     Compatible with any existing radio system
  •     Flight Controller Pixhawk 2
  •     System RTK-Ready
  •     Automatic precision landing on beacons
  •     Micasense RedEdge integration kit available
  •     Flir DUO Pro R integration kit available
  •     10x zoom full HD camera, with automatic target tracking (optional)
  •     Various types of payload integration kit available

Note: any modification from the standard configuration can lead to variations in availability and delivery times. Contact us for more information.

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Q4T Drone - Sensors

The Q4T drone is capable to carry on board a widespread of sensors, thanks to its high flexibility. The endurance of the aircraft should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, according to the Payload / Batteries ratio. We provide feasible flight time for each configuration, but only if recommended batteries are used. Some sensors have already been tested during the development of the Q4T, for which nadiral installation kits are already available, for example:

  • Integration Kit for Micasense RedEdge® + DLS
  • Integration kit for Micasense-M RedEdge® + DLS
  • Integration kit for Flir DUO™ Pro R
  • Integration kit for 10x zoom full HD camera (with HYPE QUICK RELEASE system)
  • Integration kit for Flir Duo PRO 3 axis Gimbal (with HYPE QUICK RELEASE system)

Other sensors that can be installed in the nadiral position are:

For other sensors or non-nadir installations (i. e. on gimbals), custom or COTS solutions will be evaluated, depending on the specific application.

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Rugged Cases for Transport

The Q4T drone can be folded in our rugged custom cases. You can choose between a case that includes Q4T,  all accessories and radiocontroller or a smaller one, to inlcude only the Q4T drone with accessories. All our cases are waterpoof and suitable for transportation: the internal foam ensures maximum equipment protection. Choosing smaller cases leads to easier transportation: two cases can be ordered, one for the Q4T and one for the radiocontroller.

Q4T Drone - Replacement & Accessories

Numerous accessories and spare parts available, including:

  •      Landing gear kit
  •      Battery Tray Kit
  •      Lateral Covers Kit (Standard or Customized)
  •      Bottom cover for accessories
  •      Quick release plates for payload
  •      etc ...

Depending on needs, we provide the necessary spare parts directly to the customer or we perform repairs and modifications in our laboratories.

Q4T Drone - Technical specifications

Diagonal Wheelbase 620mm
Landing Gear Size (Height) 110mm (more options upon request)
Working Current 40A
Working Voltage 6S LiPo
Signal Frequency 30Hz ~ 450Hz
Flight Parameters  
Takeoff Weight 2800g ~ 5000g 
Net Weight  (no Lipo, no Payload) 2010g
Max Power Consumption 1500W
Hover Power Consumption ---W (@3---g Takeoff Weight)
Hover Time 24min (@10000mAh & 4250g Takeoff Weight)
Working Environment Temperature -10 °C ~ +40 °C
Main Battery  
Voltage LiPo 6s
Std Battery Tray , Max Allowed Battery Dimensions 68 x 58 x 155mm (XT90 Plug)
Minimum Battery Power Requirement at least 1500w continuous discharge rate
Dimensions 42,5×37,5mm
KV 400rpm/V
Max Power 380W with 15" prop @ 6s
Max Thrust 2480g @ 22,2V 
Weight  156g
Quick Release Propeller  
Material High performance Carbon Fiber
Size 16x5,4 inch
Weight 32g