Search and Rescue Demo Day - Lago di Misurina (BL), Italy


On Saturday 23 October, MAVTech had the opportunity to carry out,  together with the Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (CNSAS) Alto Adige team, an exciting search and rescue simulation activity on the site of Lago di Misurina.

The activity, coordinated by the Belluno section of the CNSAS, was carried out to continue the collaboration between Civil Protection and companies, aimed at experimenting with the use of drones in the Alpine environment, to carry out search and rescue operations.

The demonstration was carried out by identifying three application scenarios:

  • search for a missing person in the lake;
  • search for a missing mountaineer on a wall;
  • transport of first aid material between two points in critical areas.

The participants were then divided into three groups and each carried out one of these activities, to identify the advantages and recognise the criticalities of the technologies employed.


Our team, consisting of a professional pilot, the Q4X drone with a visible-thermal sensor on board, and the MAV-PCS ground payload control system, was assigned the task of searching for and identifying a mannequin representative of a body, lost in the Lago di Misurina. The information provided to the search team included the indicative area in which to carry out the operation and some information on the type of target to be identified. Below can be seen some frames recorded with the on-board sensor of Q4X model, acquired during the search mission.