Q4X Drone - Overview

The Q4X drone is the evolution of our Q4T. Engineered in South Tyrol for Alpine Search and Rescue, MAVTech Q4X is designed to provide high performance in harsh environment. Powerful engines and light rain resistance ensure high-altitude flights. Furthermore, the collision avoidance system guarantees safer automatic and manual flight missions. The modular design allows the installation of different accessories, including strobe lights, RTK GPS, secondary GPS antenna, FPV cameras, LiDAR range finder and more.

Increased load capacity, longer range and improved structural design are some of the highlights of this version. The autopilot has been upgraded to a Pixhawk 2 with FC Cube Orange, and ADSB transmitter. The GPS has also been upgraded to a HERE 3 (the RTK GPS precision navigation system can be installed as an option). The propulsion system is a T-Motor 18" propeller and ESC with sine wave FOC technology combo, which provides efficient and accurate motor control compared to standard square wave control technology. The battery is housed in a slide that is then inserted into the chassis centre. This ensures optimum weight centring with a clean and tidy layout. This solution allows you to mount any 6S battery as long as it meets the minimum continuous discharge requirements of 1300W. The battery connector is equipped with spark protection for maximum safety and durability.

Q4X Drone - Technical specifications

Diagonal Wheelbase 715 mm
Landing Gear Size (Height) 120mm (more options upon request)
Working Current 60A
Working Voltage 6S LiPo
Drive System FOC sine wave (vector control and active braking)
Flight Parameters  
Takeoff Weight 5000g ÷ 9600g
Net Weight  (10000mAh 6S Lipo, no Payload) 4250g
Max Power Consumption 2500W
Hover Power Consumption 520W (@4250g Takeoff Weight)
Hover Time 32min (@16000mAh & 4450g Takeoff Weight)
Working Environment Temperature -10 °C ~ +40 °C
Main Battery  
Voltage LiPo 6s
Std Battery Tray , Max Allowed Battery Dimensions 68 x 75 x 190mm (XT90 Plug)
Minimum Battery Power Requirement at least 2500w continuous discharge rate
Dimensions 55,6×33,9mm
KV 360rpm/V
Max Power 923W with 18*6,1 prop @ 6s
Max Thrust 4600g @ 22,2V 
Weight  350g