SASNET: SAprSwarmNETwork. Drone intelligent swarm for alpine applications. Activity funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (ERDF 2014-2020: Axis 1 Research and Innovation).

The project intends to develop, prototype and test a system of RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft) used in swarm and integrated into a Wi-Fi mesh network, in order to operate in the Alpine context in potentially critical situations (population increase tourist along cycle paths, mountain, lakes etc ..) risk or emergency. The integration of mobile and stationary pads powered by solar energy is planned.

This system will allow to drastically reduce the intervention times and the duration of the period of use of the RPA both from the "logistic" point of view (ability to allocate where you need DAE devices, medicines, pockets of plasma, etc.) and from the point of view of the search for lost and / or missing persons, real time reconnaissance.

It will also allow the creation of a mobile communication network in areas without signal through the use of RPAs as mobile wi-fi hotspots. Further applications are foreseen for "standard" situations for the monitoring of large areas such as agricultural fields, offshore locations, environmental monitoring in the Alpine environment, migratory movements and flows, roads infrastructure works, large constructions, plants etc.

The project is proposed by Digital Lighting srl and MAVTech srl, two SMEs operating in the ICT and Aircraft Construction sectors, with a high technological vocation, with operational offices at the NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige in Bolzano, and is structured on 5 WPs, 1 of which for management , dissemination and exploitation of results. The White Cross of Bolzano will collaborate as an end-user for the testing phases. The results include the creation of prototypes of: RPA, wi-fi mesh system, SW management system, charging system, testing, validation and ENAC certification of the system.