RedEdge-M™ simultaneously captures five discrete spectral bands, enabling the creation of tailored indices for customized applications. Global shutter design creates distortion-free images on every platform. A variety of interface options including stand-alone mode, serial, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, give RedEdge integrators expanded flexibility. RedEdge's Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS) enables measurement of ambient light conditions during flight for more accurate data in varying light conditions.

The Q4E Drone is the most suitable solution to acquire data with the Micasense RedEdge-M camera.

RedEdge-M: Professional Multispectral Sensor Kit

A multispectral powerhouse:

  • One flight, multiple outputs
  • Easy and flexible integration options
  • Calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements
  • Capable of generating RGB color images aligned with 5 specific spectral bands
  • RedEdge-M is built to last with quality materials
  • Kit includes a Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS), GPS/Mag module, calibrated reflectance panel, and hard carrying case

MICASENSE REDEDGE-M™ - Technical specifications

Weight: 170 g (Including DLS)
Dimensions: 9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7” x 2.5” x 1.8”)
External Power: 4.2V-15.8V, 4 W nominal, 8W peak
Spectral Bands: Narrowband: Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near IR
Ground Sample Distance (GSD): 8.2 cm/pixel (per band) at 120 m (400 ft.) AGL
Capture Rate: 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
Wavelength (nm): Blue (475 nm center ± 20 nm), green (560 nm ± 20 nm), red (668 nm center ± 10 nm), red edge (717 nm ± 10 nm), near-IR (840 nm ± 40 nm)

MICASENSE REDEDGE-M™ - Calibrated panel

  • Active panel size: 6" x 6"
  • Special coating provides highly lambertian properties and flat reflectance response across visible and near-infrared spectrum
  • Nominal reflectance is 60% - calibration data provided with panel in 1 nm increments from 400 nm to 850 nm
  • Panel is housed in a rugged case for protection in those dusty days in the field

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